Thursday, January 01, 2015

Recalibrate 2015

Day since the surgery: 196
Pain Level: 0 - No pain, right cheek just feels numb and weird - as usual.
Swelling: Because of the tightness, I'm pretty sure my right cheek is still swollen. Gonna see Surgeonman next week...maybe he'll have some answers.
Sleep last night: Very late (It was NYE) and very disrupted (the flu is back with a vengeance and has gone to my lungs or something...ended up coughing all night).
Other weirdness: Even though I'm past 6 months post-op, I randomly found myself drooling again today. I think it's from a combination of a (still) numb lip and chin, the sickies, and a general heightened inability to feel things whilst I'm sick. It was weird. I thought I was supposed to be past that.
Mood: Sick.

It's the 1st of the New Year and whilst I've friends who went suntanning, shopping, biking, and all sorts of ways to "start the year with a bang", I spent the whole day huddled on my couch trying to sleep the flu off. It's pretty much the end of the day now and I am determined to make plans for the new year.

Looking back at the past year, I guess I've achieved some and missed most:


  • 01. Jaw surgery 2014
  • 02. Take my next German exam (Nope)
  • 03. Read the whole Bible through (Still got about half to go)
  • 04. Travel out at least onceJapan, HK
  • 05. Receive at least one award this yearSPA
  • 06. Keep on top of my springcleaning plans - clear one area a month (Nope)
  • 07. Finish a half marathon (Nope)
  • 08. Get to the next business achievement bracket (Goal:3GAV) (Nope)
  • 09. Get involved in food sustainability efforts Got connected with SDO.
  • 10. Be more open to people. Meet new people. Make new friends. New church, new cell group.
  • 11. Get back to 48kg and stay there. No more excuses (Nope)
  • 12. Make a list of intl friends and keep in touch (Nope)
  • 13. Read 12 books (Maybe, I'm not sure)
  • 14. Take the GREs - even if not for grad sch, then at least for some closure (Nope)

  • And this was what I thought the years ahead would plan out to be:


  • Oct14: Gym, 52Kg, Tioman Birthday (Nope. Nope. Nope.)
  • Nov14: 16Nov Run for Hope 10K, Hunger Games 20Nov! Watched the hunger games, but couldn't run.)
  • Dec14: 7 Dec 21K Half Marathon (Postponed to 2015)
  • Jan15: Hiking Trip (Doesn't look like it now unless I can find friends to go with.)
  • Apr15: Fencing (I'm starting earlier.)
  • Jun15: Portfolio Shoot (Not ready)
  • Oct15: Germany (Yes. I shall.)
  • Summer16: England & Agape/YWAM (Maybe earlier) 
  • Jul16: Graduation (Nope, not anymore now that I've deregistered from grad school)
  • I guess the craziness at work stole more away from me than I expected. I also gave up graduate school because I was too overwhelmed by work (again).

    There used to be a saying that Singaporeans focused a lot on the 5Cs in life (Cash, Car, Condo, Country Club Membership, Credit Card) mainly as a rhetoric to how materialistic we can be. In 2012, the main newspaper in Singapore reported a shift in the definition of the 5Cs to Control, Confidence, Community, Career, and a Can-do Attitude...propaganda if you ask me. I guess I have my own set of "C"s this year too - Community, Companionship, and Career, being three of them.

    The new goals for the year ahead are in the side bar...including the new milestones. I have fewer goals this year... some of which I have to work quite hard at. Here's to an awesome 2015 - a better year, with many beautiful memories.

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