Tuesday, January 22, 2013

just another food post :)

I haven't been posting my food logs for a while, so I figured I might as well do a food post. :) Here's stuff I've been eating...which has become a lot more adventurous since the first week of installing my braces.
Here's a delicious breakfast recipe I made.
Yogurt, sliced bananas, and chopped walnuts.
The walnuts weren't very friendly on the braces, but the health benefits was worth it.
This was a day I craved for pizza, and how I had to eat it (in itty bitty pieces).
They still tasted delicious though. :)
I added cheese cubes to the middle of this egg white omelette.
It eventually didn't taste like a great idea. Cheese tastes better in the omelette itself.
Maybe next time I'll try Philadelphia.
There's nothing like an egg white omelette with a cuppa and a good book at Starbucks. :)
This was my last breakfast before my first braces adjustment.
It was delicious.
This was a delicious Mackerel (Saba)!
I got adventurous with lunch after my braces adjustment. :)
Had to be really careful with the bones, but the fish perfect!
And I just couldn't resist the Omega 3. #^_^#
Dessert! Chocked full of raspberries and antioxidants. <3
It was a very stressful day and this was my stress relief lunch.
The edamame was a pain to eat, but I wanted (see: needed) something green in my system.
This is a crab salad with ebi and cheese roll.
I took so long to eat this, it became my main course.
It's amazing how much more filling food is when you take so much longer to consume them.
It was super happy food though!

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