Wednesday, January 16, 2013

stitches out

I got my stitches out today and the doctor said it looks like it's healing okay, though he didn't seem too surprised at how awesomely it was doing or said something that I really hoped he would...something like "Oh wow! You've been so disciplined with the care of your stitches I've never seen healing going that well before and you're definitely not going to see a scar", or anything I had idealistically thought in my head. He kinda said "it looks alright. It's a bit red because of the stitches, but that will go away". No smile, nothing. That kinda scared me a little.

I guess I have been very worried about my stitches. I think I freaked out sometime earlier this week when I dug around my prescription bag of cottons swabs, saline and ointment when I stumbled across some reading material that I vaguely remember the nurse stuffing in there. Thing is, when I read it, it specifically said not to touch the wound within 24 hours of the surgery! :(( But during the pre-surgery after-care briefing, the nurse also told me to clean it out first thing in the morning when I got up! (Which was about 12 hours or so. :() I was so sad and afraid that this is going to really leave an ugly scar. :( It's amazing how much reading a little bit of conflicting instructional stuff can really change things!

But I guess I can't quite do anything much else now. I did request for a scar cream that might help reduce the scarring and my doctor prescribed something that I'm to put on at night... as I pray that the Lord will be kind and help my skin heal up well whilst I do my part to ensure that I have a healthy diet and be disciplined with my ointments and creams and supplements.

I'm glad that I'm almost through this part of my journey though.
Looking forward to a good recovery period so that I can go visiting over CNY without any patches on my face. :)

On other notes, here's food I've been eating... I cooked/made some of them. :)

Fish soup without the salty soup. :D 
Egg white omelette with chicken & fresh diced tomatoes.
Served with Japanese sesame dressing.
I usually prefer the crusty bread type of olive bread, but I had to give in to the softer foccacia version for now.
Simply can't resist olives. :D
Smoked salmon spread and mint on olive foccacia.
In small squares, of course. :)
Angel food cake. It was a little too sweet though.
Tasted a little like a soft meringue. ^^
A cute wrap that I couldn't eat. My househelper had packed these for my other siblings.
The sticker was so cute though that I couldn't resist taking a shot of it. :)
Oatmeal squares in soymilk and freshly sliced peach. Delish!

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