Wednesday, January 09, 2013

my first egg-white omelette!

Perfect! Haha. It was a glitch, obviously.
Lately I've been using myfitnesspal to keep track of all my food, water, and vitamin intake and been loving it! Thing is, a trend I've been noticing from my pie-chart analyses of my food consumption over the past few weeks has been bothering me - that of how much both carbohydrates and fats make up most of my meals, and how lacking I am in protein. I guess it's partially because I'm not quite the meat-lover, nor do have a habit of eating fish everyday, but after noticing this disturbing trend, I've decided to do something about it. I've decided that I shall now eat egg white omelettes on a daily or fortnightly basis (I never really liked the yolky parts of the eggs).

And this is what I cooked for breakfast this morning:

Egg White Omelette with three little beloved crab shumais.

LOVE the crab shumais. They were a little salty, but still delish. ^^
Don't they look delicious? <3

I was trying to incorporate was some healthies into the meal so I included some cheese for the taste and calcium, some canned peas for the greens (which turned out to be a little too hard to eat... should have mashed them a bit), and some tuna which my househelper fried up from the day before). There were bits of the omelette that were pretty hard and difficult to eat, but I'll try to put a little less oil and a little bit of water in the pan tomorrow and make them softer or something. Prolly going to have a plain cheese one tomorrow. I'll rummage around and figure something new out! :D

Here's a cross-section of my protein-rich meal!
Peas, onion, tuna and cheese!

I even packed a couple more crab shumais for lunch with some rice and a generous sprinkling of seaweed. :)
My lunchbox for the day!

Gosh, I've been so busy that I haven't been cooking for a while. The last time I cooked was probably for/with the (ex)boyfriend. I do miss those times of cooking together... but I'm going off tangent. And well, guess I'm glad that I have the opportunity now to build new memories now.

I delved into other edibles today too - including eating some otah and stuff from a nasi lemak store. Kinda regretted it after though as I tried to pick out bits of rice from the braces. :/

And this was another meal I regretted (well, kinda) giving in to yesterday too!

Vegetables! I <3 you!
I couldn't eat the hard stalks, but I ate all the leafies! I couldn't help it! I can't resist vegetables! I ended up with all sorts of stuff stuck in the braces. =_=. But whilst it lasted, it tasted good... except the rice, that was a little painful to swallow.

I'm beginning to think that I'm enjoying the soft-food-hunting part of this jaw surgery process the most. :) I've been challenging myself a little though because it also makes a little sense that chewing would probably help with bone rejuvenation, which is important in the braces process, but I suppose I'll ask my ortho these questions when I see him in two weeks. :) My first adjustment! Excited!

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