Sunday, January 06, 2013

happy food & profile shots

Happy food for breakfast! Anything with vegetables for me is happy food!
Just when I thought I would never be able to eat out properly again, I took a chance and went out with my cell group for lunch! I was so worried for a while what I would eat and TONS of options went through my mind as I filtered through all the types of foods that'd work for me. Bak chor mee - nope. Any noodley thing - nope. Chicken rice - nope. Rojak - nope. Chicken Wings - nope. Satay - nope. Nasi Lemak - nope. I walked through almost half the food court getting more and more sad till I found something! And this was it!

Hello soft and very delicious plate of deliciousness! :D
I was SO happy when I found something that I could eat normally like a normal person. I love carrot cake too! I ordered the smallest portion though knowing how long I would take to eat (and I didn't want the guys to wait). One of the guys commented, "Will you be full on that? Is that enough? It looks just like an appetizer." I wasn't sure what to say to that, but just mustered an embarrassed bracey smile hoping he'd get the idea. He was pretty unconvinced, but I thank God my cell group leader jumped in and explained that I couldn't eat much with the braces and I think he settled with that answer. On a side note, I also learned at lunch that the choice of chopsticks is pretty much always better than a fork when it comes to putting things in my mouth without touching my brackets or teeth (which I'm quite OCD about for now).

I surprised myself the rest of the day though with some of my food choices! Perhaps it's that time of the month that I get super hungry but when I got home, I dipped into eating some fish keropok (which I had to break into pieces and suck on to be soft enough to taste and swallow), a few pieces of popcorn (which I had to suck on too) and 3 chocolate pralines! (which I fit into that little space on my tongue in the back of my mouth and I relished them all whilst they melted)! It was heavenly! And I was so proud of my food log today because I have finally hit 1000 calories!

And now, enough about food, here are some profile shots after slightly over a week of braces.
These are my lips when I'm stoning - they don't meet. And yes, they are dry cause it's painful to stick my tongue out to lick them because of the ulcers. :(
Twisted bottom jaw and slanted top jaw. Who knew my mouth could make such an odd shape?
I think the profile images are flipped so that the left looks like the right and the right the left. But yeah, I can tell because of my moles on my face. #^_^#

Left Profile. Typical flat cheeks of a Class 3. You can't quite see it here, but I will take closer shots when I'm not so shy. But this is my profile of choice cause of my moles on the other side.

Right Profile. Still flat. And you can't quite see the protruding lower lip so much here either... but I will take closer ones when I have the courage to.

I think I might visit my orthodontist tomorrow. I have this weird feeling that I might have accidentally loosened my lower jaw wire with my interdental brushing cause I don't quite feel it anymore. Other than that, I'm having my minor surgery this week for the moles on my face (finally!) and will go under a week of recovery, and then it will be time to tighten my wires! :D I'm so excited!

Gotta send my ortho and jaw surgeon my questions tonight too... especially that I have to get insurance settled.

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