Wednesday, January 09, 2013

pre-surgery jitters

It's going to be a lot simpler than this.
But just as freaky!
I'm getting pre-surgery jitters and watching youtube videos on line is not helping. The first one I watched on "mole excision surgery" almost made me throw up.

Especially that the moles are on my face, I'm getting really frightened! I want to do this, and yet suddenly it feels like the risks are suddenly so high! :( And somehow, I feel like I should change my doctor. I went to do some research on their research interests and it turns out that my doctor doesn't specialize in dermatology or laser surgery, but his interests are in psoriasis. There are 3 other doctors who specialise in dermatology and laser surgery...maybe I should go to them.

I think I'm going to change surgical doctor. If the moles were anywhere else, fine. But the fact that they are on my face, I think it's okay to be a little more conservative about my choice of doctor. I think I will die if I was left with line scars or worse, craters in my face. :(

God, help!

Post-post edit: 
So I called up the National Skin Centre and spoke to the nurse on the helpline and apparently this procedure is so normal and basic that I needn't worry. I guess I'm just a lot more anxious about how this will be... also cause I've been well-freaked-out by the youtube videos.

This video is totally in-your-face with the punching out of the flesh, the digging around inside, the blood and the needles and sewing! Watch at your own risk of your stomach feeling really queasy after! I personally can't watch it the whole way through!

I can't seem to embed it properly, but you can watch the mole excision surgery video here.

Omgoodness, I feel like puking again. Can't believe that's going to happen to my face tomorrow. What freaked me out the most was how deep the incision went! It looked SO deep! (Apparently it has to go all the way into the fatty tissue to ensure that it's completely out and that it doesn't reappear) But all the flesh, the blood, the sewing.... Oh no, I'm freaking out again.

No. Must be strong. Be courageous!

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