Saturday, January 12, 2013

weekend ramblings and more food

Breakfast today: Egg white scramble with tuna and parmesan.
Protein + Omega 3 + Calcium! Great skinfood!
And Yes, I'm eating more! SO MUCH more. :)
So I got out of the house today...went to work actually. More interestingly still, was that my customer was in SENTOSA. Sunny sunny Sentosa. Argh. I did, however, did a lot of prevention stuff to try to keep out of the sun. I wore a hat. A big black floppy hat. I looked pretty French for the day. And yes, I got weird stares. But hey, it was serving to protect me from the rays.

My stitches have been itching all day though! I'm getting a little worried cause I don't know if it's normal that stitches should itch...or whether it might be signs of an infection. Or maybe it was the sun rays. :( I need to pray harder!

My customer gave me a very concerned face today and asked me mid-work-discussion "Are you okay? You lost a lot of weight." and I just told him that I got braces and that I'm training for a marathon. He didn't look too convinced by my answer though. Maybe he thinks I'm sick... I hope that doesn't affect our business project! :/ I think that question worried my mum a bit (as she came on the business meeting with me as the product technician so she heard the question being asked) because she was constantly asking me whether I was hungry throughout the day after the meeting. =_= I'm proud to say that I've now surpassed my 1000 calorie days and now am back up to 1200. I think the box of Hello Pandas did me in today....but they were SO delicious. <3

I have been feeling very tired very often nowadays though. Apparently I also look like I haven't been sleeping very well for a while. I guess I've been having a lot of dreams recently so I haven't been sleeping too well... It used to be a lot worse a few months ago, but after I stopped eating after 5pm it became a lot better. It was a big sacrifice because it means that I don't go for dinner dates or events anymore. Maybe I should try stopping at 4 now. :/

It's going to be while before I go out for my morning walk/runs now that I have to take care of my stitches... I'm prolly going to start going to the gym at nights now for the next two to three weeks to try to get some of my lower body muscles moving... the marathon is in less than 140 days!

Also, I REALLY want to cook this:
Doesn't it look delicious?!
It's a Sicilian Cauliflower & Black Olive Gratin
It's soft too! And I LOVE olives! The recipe is here. Can't wait to try it!
I'm slowly discovering that there are actually TONS of delicious soft things that people with braces can eat! Just need to be a little creative. :)

Man, if I didn't have a day job I think I would spend all day cleaning, cooking and organizing. Sounds a bit Martha Stewart-ish. :) But honestly, that'd be my dream days. Just staying home planning meals, getting things organized, doing art...maybe having some kids over to get some art therapy done in my big art room. And have some organizing project discussions... 

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