Monday, January 07, 2013

my weight loss "secret"

Breakfast of overnight-soaked Quaker's Oatmeal Squares in milk, and a banana. Except I only ate half that banana.
How I ate the half-banana. :)
This blog seems to be becoming a food blog of sorts. Sorry, it's work hazard. I do work in the food industry after all. :)

Nothing much these days except the norm. Eating soft foods, worrying about caloric intake, having people comment about my weight, realizing I have to go shopping soon for new clothes. I guess to some extent I have lost quite a bit... About 5 kilos (~11pounds) in a month or so. But honestly, it wasn't that difficult.

Here are my weight loss "secrets":
  1. Have some traumatic life event that makes your appetite almost non-existent.  (Have I lost you yet?)
  2. Stop eating once 5pm hits. Fast and Pray. Have a good reason, or this won't stick.
  3. Have a general tendency to prefer vegetables to meats anytime. Wholegrain over whites, always. Apart from a chocolate weakness, I am actually quite the health/nutrition freak.
  4. Get braces. It REALLY limits your food intake. I literally went as far as touching some chips in a bag of kettle chips the other day till I realized how hard and probably inedible with braces they were... and how painful and unpleasant that experience would be. Immediate junk food craving-killer.
  5. Sign up for a marathon that requires you to walk/jog at least 3-4 times a week.

Easy peasy. 
Good luck with Number 1.

I'm predicting I might hit another 5 kilos more (less) with the start of my marathon training too. Just gotta make sure I have enough calories to keep me out of fainting spells zone. I had a few woozies last week with my struggling 300-500 calorie days, but now that I'm back up to 1000 cals, I think things should be alright. :)

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