Monday, January 21, 2013

first wire adjustment! :)

Can you see my crowded little incisors?
Disobedient little ones! Move, please!
I just got my first braces wire adjustment today and my ortho basically said that my teeth have moved VERY SLIGHTLY (in the whole past month!). Naughty teeth! Especially naughty are my bottom incisors that are so clingy with each other that they refuse to get in line! I guess I haven't been praying for their obedience cause I have been too distracted by the obedience of my skin healing and the minimization of scarring of the mole removals. But from now, I shall remember to pray over them whilst I brush my teeth every morning and night. I shall rejoice when my ortho finally puts a bracket on my one "out-group" incisor that has been left behind, literally.

The good feedback from the ortho appointment today was that my oral hygiene is pretty good. Yay for my OCD brush-interdental floss-brush-listerine routine. The next time I'm going to see him will be just after the Chinese new year season. I CAN'T WAIT!! I think I shall count down to all the readjustments and celebrate at every one cause I'd be a step closer to my jaw surgery.

The appointment at the orthos today hurt a bit when he pressed on my teeth and when he moved the wires, but after that I didn't feel much. I initially thought he didn't quite make it tight enough, but after a few hours, they've started aching a bit. Looks like it's back to mushy porridge for me. Good thing I like mushy porridge... at least I like it a lot more than having things stuck in my braces. Gross!

I'm going to start going to the gym this week too to get my legs moving and muscles building. I have less than 130 days now to the marathon! Help!

Total Mileage clocked (this shall be inserted here from now to make me constantly feel guilty if I haven't clocked anything): 0

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