Wednesday, January 02, 2013

force-feeding myself

Maggi Duck porridge & Cheese Cubes.

Today I’m wearing a pair of pants and a dress shirt that I could barely squeeze into when I got back from India 3 years ago at my happy weight. Thing is, I’m currently still 5 kilos away, so I can only assume that my body shape has changed somewhat and this time my body has decided to take fats away from my butt and legs first instead. I suppose that’s a good thing right?

Problem is, that now most of my strapless undergarments and even some of my rings don’t quite fit so well anymore either. My emotions are mixed because as much as I’m losing weight very quickly – possibly much quicker than I ever had in my life - I’m getting a tad worried cause I know how bad it is to lose weight too quickly…especially when it is largely due to my alterations in my diet. I’ve been trying my best to meet my caloric requirements but it has been difficult considering how slowly I’m eating nowadays…and my lack of appetite simply doesn’t help.

This week, I’m going to have to start training for my marathon as well. Gosh, how is this going to work out?! I can’t spend all my time thinking about meal planning and forcing myself to eat! 

Okay, time to get back to work... in between spoonfuls of force-feeding myself. =_= 

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