Monday, March 14, 2016

Working out finances for the family

It's the wee hours in the morning and I'm up as I've just concluded a 3 hour conversation with my sister about money and her concerns about how money will affect family life.

We spoke about how the parents want to buy a house, their dreams about living in a bungalow again, her feelings of having burdens, concerns about money and how it can tear a family apart... It was slightly disconcerting having that conversation.

Perhaps she's a little more pragmatic and realistic than me, but I really don't have that many concerns about money. I simply don't hold money in such high regard nor do I have that many fears over having it or not having it. Or perhaps it's the idealist in me that believes that one should just have a dream and work toward it with wisdom... And not be kept on the chains and limitations of fears of potential outcomes. Does money have that much power? Isn't it just a means, a tool, a catalyst. It's something we use - not something to fear or be controlled by.

It's not as if I've lived in a bubble and have little "practical knowledge" of "the real world" because I've lived in comfort or never felt lack... Goodness knows the fears and struggles we've had in the business. Not to mention that I have been looking at how to get loved ones out of debt. And yet, my view of money is that as long as one has 1) the smarts, resourcefulness, and creativity to think of a strategy to make money, and 2) a right attitude to be willing to work hard, surely it isn't that tough to work toward a monetary dream.

The parents want to live in a house which costs a whopping 1.2M. Our old house which I know my mother has been dreaming of returning to (which I have been secretly watching because I'd like to one day purchase it for them) was something like 10.8M.... And recently 8.6M. It sounds like a lot of money, but why a 3 hour conversation about fears and how money can be crippling? Isn't it better to just work out the numbers and think of ways to reach the goal?

Everything in me wants to buy that house back for my parents. I don't know how it's going to happen, but I will somehow make it happen. I just need the work out the numbers, pray for a strategy, and have a plan.

Let me get my house in order and it will happen. I will make it happen.

God, please give me the tenacity, creativity, intelligence, resourcefulness, and many open doors to be able to bless my parents in their golden years.... In a way that I cannot imagine how yet... But I know that with You, all things are possible.

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