Monday, December 31, 2012

adjusting to the new season

I have the best househelper ever!

I’m so proud of myself! I actually ate a high caloric breakfast this morning! Even though the portions were really small – including a small piece of barramundi from a pizza last night (before I gave up on eating the rest altogether), a little bit more soggy cheerios, a portion of wasabi sweet potato mash, little bits of mushy beef rending – I am actually feeling full and satisfied! :D Thank God for a great househelper who knew to pack for me a teaspoon that really helped too! :)

This afternoon, I’m planning to have some of my cheese cubes and yogurt to keep my calcium intake high. And I think I’ll try to eat a couple of pieces of popcorn without chewing on them (because popcorn is apparently one of the top nasty things to eat when having braces). But the popcorn is necessary….to…. keep my morale high. ^^

Can't believe I'm putting wax in my mouth.
The wires and hooks from the braces have been bugging me a little though and I now have two little ulcers in my mouth caused by the hooks in my metal braces on my lower jaw. I didn't quite think that I'd want to use the dental wax that my ortho provided, but having a little hook dig in all day everytime I move my mouth or talk, I've decided to give it a go. Turns out, they help a little...but I think I should have really put them on before the little craters in my cheek were made.

I prolly have to go out and do a bit of shopping today– including getting myself a stick of lip gloss/balm. With my normal bite without the braces, my lips already don’t quite meet. But now with braces, it takes extra effort to keep them closed and I’ve been having chapped lips – which is severely uncomfortable as I know there are little bits of..lip epidermal skin(?) sticking out, and it’s painful to even stick my tongue out to keep them moist. I probably should drop by a pharmacy too to get some fish oil tablets, and maybe at the supermarket for some salmon to consume on a daily basis. The last thing I’d want is for the messies in my diet to mess up the health of my skin, nails and hair. I’ve been trying Blackmore’s Skin Hair and Nails supplement, but it hasn’t seemed to have done much for me. 

In a couple of weeks, I believe I might have to go out and get some new clothes too. Thing is, I haven’t been eating very well these past two months due to the stress of work and some personal issues. That situation, along with my fast, and now with the food limitations from my braces, some of my strapless items of clothing don’t quite stay on anymore. The upside is that I can now again fit into some clothing that I used to be able to wear, and I’m moving toward my “happy weight” (which is still about 5 kilos away). The downside is probably the fear that I’m losing weight too fast and it might affect my overall health somehow.

Moreover, from this week, I plan to start training for this:

Yes, I've already signed up and will be running the full marathon! :)
2013 is going to be a big year of big, courageous decisions and change.
And it starts today.

On other notes:
I've been practicing using a straw, and it apparently helps when I stick the straw all the way in to the back of my mouth. I think it helps position my lips to close further down the straw...not to mention it ensures all liquid goes straight into my throat without dirtying the braces on my molars. :) I shall pay Starbucks a visit one of these days to celebrate my "new found" skill. :D

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