Friday, April 05, 2013

don't bite off more than you can chew

Okay, I gotta be realistic now. I don't have all the time or the brain capacity in the world to do everything all at once.

EDX:7.00x Intro to Biology (5 Mar) * No time.
EDX:14.73x Challenges of Global Poverty (12 Feb) One of the most interesting classes ever. I need more time though!
CSA:  Property & Liability: An Introduction to Law & Economics (18 Mar)  Too much to absorb. I'll pick up in my Law and Entrepreneur class.

EDX: Stat 2.2 Introduction to Stats (12 Apr) I'm just not ready.
CSA: Introduction to Ops Mgmt (29 Apr) Important for work.
CSA: Generating the Wealth of Nations (29 Apr) Important for my rural entre. project.
CSA: Smart Growth for Private Business (29 Apr) *  I'll go for a the first few classes and see how this feels.
CSA: Inspiring Leadership through EI (1 May) Not really a priority right now.
EDX:PH278x Human Health & Global Env Change (15 May) * Interesting topic just for general interest.
CSA: English Common Law: Structure & Principles (June) Pretty important to at least know the basics.
CSA: Introduction to Finance (3 June) Foundational stuff.

EDX:UT.3.01x Age of Globalization (1 Sep) * I'm interested in the building of national identity part, but it may just be another Sociology 101.
CSA: New Models of Business in Society (2 Sep) Interesting, will prolly go for a few classes to see what it's about.
EDX: UT 4.01x Impact of Drug Development (16 Sep) * Just general interest, but not a priority.
CSA: Law & The Entrepreneur (TBC) Foundational.
CSA: The Science of Gastronomy (TBC) * Might help in my work, but yeah...I'm not a big fan. We'll see.
CSA: An Introduction to the US Food System: Perspectives from Public Health (TBC) Public Policy stuff...might open my eyes to new perspectives.

Okay, I'm gonna have to put this in my sidebar so I don't forget.
Somehow, enrolling into these classes have affected my motivation at work a little - because I so much rather be studying than working. Gotta kick myself out of such thinking and remember the person that I called to become and be a good steward of the position the Lord has put me in.

Life is fleeting, make it count.

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