Sunday, April 07, 2013

Profile shots and encouragement plans

Days since I got my braces put in (since 28 Dec): 101 days

Next ortho visit: 26 April 2013

Hurrah! I have a new spring in! :) I don't know if you can see it, but it's nice and somewhat seemingly tighter and more windy than the last one (which I really don't think made much of a difference since the last time).
Hello new super windy spring. Please work well with my teeth!
Orthoman was the same stoic self. I don't know what it is, but somehow no matter how bright and cheery I am, he's...emotionless? Then again, he has been having sad eyes for the past few visits. :( I am convinced that he is either sick of his job, or is going through some stressful situation in relationship problems, or sickness in the family, or a naggy mother, or something. As a concerned patient, I really hope...that it's not him being sick of his job. I have another year more of my treatment to go! I need him! So we cannot allow him to be sad at work! But what can I do if it were the latter? Naggy mother, relationship problems, or sickness...I can't help with. Hmm... or maybe he just needs some encouragement.

I know! Maybe I shall prepare some happies for him on the next visit. I do have to plan this very carefully though... so that it's very clear that he knows that I'm not flirting with him or something, but just feel really uncomfortable when people around me are sad (and secretly that I really don't want to lose him as a dentist and have to go through getting to know someone new... *stranger anxiety attack*). Hmm... what should I do? I obviously can't bake anything because they are technically not "dentist-friendly" and he might possibly be one of those crazy no-sugar-because-all-your-teeth-will-rot-and-die peoples. He's a guy, so flowers are out...and I can imagine that might create a really weird situation. Okay, I have three weeks to think this through. Don't worry Mr Orthoman! I can help cheer you up! :)

Well, either my efforts might help some and he'll be cheered up, or he'll think I'm this weird patient and transfer me elsewhere - which would make me sad. Or that he'd freak out and think I have some sort of prepuberscent crush on him and make things uber awkward and scary for me... or that he'd break down and cry or something and decide to leave his job...NNOOoOOoooo... Okay, I'm overthinking this. Maybe I should just get him a nice imported toothbrush or something... Dammit, thinking of encouraging gifts for strangers is not easy.

Anyhoos, the most WONDERFUL thing that he said was that we might be able to put in that last bracket on my little left out tooth on the next, or following, visit!! YaY! Now to just pray that my new little spring works well and makes enough space! :) I can't wait to bring him/her/it back into alignment with everyone else. Come be reunited, my dear tooth! We miss you!

Things are straightening out a little more I think.
 It's quite amazing - this technology.

I'm really looking forward to the next visit. Not just for the tooth, but that I might be able to do something to encourage stoic, emotionless Orthoman who might be going through some crisis. Or maybe he's just one of those boring emotionless men by default? *ponder* I can imagine him smiling though. Maybe I should just pray for him that God will give him joy....okay, maybe I'll write that in a note. Wait, that means there's a card now?! Okay, I really have to be careful that he doesn't get the wrong idea with my simple encouragement plans... argh! Why do I have to be aware that humans can be so complicated that I have to think through this so carefully? At this rate, I might just randomly end up throwing a bun (probably something mid-range and non-suggestive like a ham and cheese one) at him at the end of my next appointment and mutter "smile more" as I scuttle out of the door.

Anyhoos, here's how my teeth are looking now. Thank you for cooperating little teeth!

Still stuck with a spastic smile. =_=

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