Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello little one, we missed you!
Finally! Reunited!!! <3 My left out tooth has finally been accepted back into the fold.

My little left out tooth finally got its bracket today! Welcome back lovely! <3 I've been waiting for this day for so many months now, so it really made me uber happy to know that I didn't need to wait for another month to get my little tooth back in line with the rest. Orthoman basically cut the spring out today (the one that was helping to make space) installed the bracket (along with two more brackets on my two lower back molars which he left out previously), and voila

My teeth are all happy now. :)

On another note, and possibly slightly bigger news today, Orthoman actually laughed. I was surprised how surprised I was when he did. I was so surprised I got a little bit of a positive shock when he did. It was a little bit like that feeling you get when something wondrous and unexpected happens in an unexpected moment. I suppose it was because everything in my brain linked to Orthoman included the words "emotionless", "probably depressed", "maybe hates his job", or "doesn't look people in the eye when he talks to them". Well, he still doesn't look me in the eye when talking to me, but at least there was SOME emotion today. I was weirdly happy for him.

At that same moment, I also realized that I forgot to carry out my little plan to encourage the Orthoman... I meant to prepare something to encourage him, but I guess I've been having a pretty rough time myself in life so I haven't been able to find the time to do anything for him. :( I shall have to plan better for the next visit...or something. I really don't want to have to change to a new orthodontist if he decides he actually wants to be a ballet dancer or something in between my treatments! I really don't cope with stranger anxiety very well. =_=

Movement of my teeth seem to be progressing quite well though! I really feel that the constant drinking of hot water has really helped (yay science!). I'm really looking forward to the day Orthoman tells me, "Wow, you should be ready in less than 6 months!" I hope I'll be ready by the end of the year! Come on good little obedient teeth! You can do it!

I don't know why it is, but I'm really really excited about this process and for the surgery. It feels like it's going to be a new season of life for me after I finally get this done.

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