Friday, January 03, 2014

anesthetist visit done.

Time with the anesthetist's.
I still hate needles. :(
So I had my visit at the anesthetist's and they just asked me random questions and took my general stats and stuff. I was SO shocked when I stepped on the scale! I haven't been on a scale for something like a year...and it turns out that I had been overly obedient to my doctor's "please put on some weight" orders. And so I did. NINE kilos, in fact. In 8 months. Gosh!

All the doctor said was that my blood pressure was pretty low. :( Hopefully that wouldn't be a problem. Right now I'm just waiting for the results from my blood test that it'd all go alright. I'll be doing my autologus next week... oh no, more needles. :(

Can't believe that if everything goes smoothly, this time next week, I'll be sleeping in some hospital room with tubes down my nose and throat and attached everywhere. It sounds pretty scary, but something in me wants to face this and fight it.

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