Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good News!

Good news! Debracing is scheduled for 17th MARCH!!! :D

Bad news is that my alignment is off! As so:

Look at my midline (marked in red)! They're not aligned! :(
Come on jaw, work with me!
The blue lines are the bands I'm currently wearing to try to fix it.

So it's back to Cranberry bands for me...I think they're supposed to tease my jaws into place. Other than that, I think Orthoman has put on some locking bands along my top and bottom teeth to keep the rest of my teeth in place.

Hopefully it'd all be aligned in a couple of weeks. CAN'T WAIT TO DEBRACE THOUGH! I've been waiting so long! I shall go ahead and book a cleaning and whitening that same week! :D

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