Friday, March 22, 2013

Empowered vision

I think there might have been some sort of breakthrough in my life this past week as I've found myself somewhat a lot more empowered in my work. It's a little like a burst of vision and excitement to the world ahead. Perhaps it is due to the people I've been meeting this past week, as well as the real director-level projects I've decided to tackle. Thoughts of international expansion and trips out of the country has started a blaze within me to really push the company to a level which it has never reached before under all the people who were before me - from MBA level managers, to people with decades of experience - I have somehow developed a deep desire to leave a truly remarkable legacy in my time at the reigns.

Something is happening, I know it. And just have to be a good steward of it whilst it has been placed into my hands.

On other notes, I've decided to conduct a little experiment by getting a little more scientific with my desire to speed up my process of getting my teeth in order. My silly little plan - to constantly drink hot water throughout the day. If the metal in my teeth work with warmth, perhaps giving them a little more constant encouragement might just make a difference. It's just a curious little experiment, and considering it's not a big deal to implement, I might as well give it a shot. :)

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