Wednesday, March 06, 2013

lacking motivation

Nope, haven't even been
slacking in my running shoes. :/
It has been a harsh day of work today and I'm been consuming way too many ferrero rochers for my own good. I hit a record of seven little delicious hazelnutty pops today. (Yep, I officially don't really care about soft foods and my braces anymore. Haha. I'm so naughty! =_=)

Was supposed to go running today, but my heart has been too heavy recently to really think about it. I'm lacking a lot of motivation to start the marathon training and I'm getting a bit worried about it because it's less than 3 months away. Motivation is at... zero.

I think I just might tidy my office today and think about what I want to do with the rest of my life today... or something. Going shopping with some girls tomorrow, and then I'm off for a trip to Thailand for a couple of days. Hopefully the break will help me pick myself up again and spur my motivation to train. I really want to complete it this year. 

Motivation, where can I find you?

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