Saturday, March 02, 2013

profile shots two months in

It's been a long time since I posted and not much has been happening with my teeth. I have been a lot naughtier with my diet nowadays though. I remember when I started, I was really strict to porridge and soft foods and what not. But these days, I eat whatever I want... including a daily intake of ferrero rochers for comfort (yes, even though those annoying little hazelnut bits unfailingly find their ways to get stuck somewhere and leave me the pleasure of the "extraction game" which is basically a tongue-wrestle riot in my mouth for the next half hour or so).

My teeth have been severely disobedient! They haven't really been moving as fast as I'd like them to! The last time I went to get my wire adjustment, I asked the ortho about their progress and it was the same "very slightly" answer. Sigh. And what their stubborn disobedience has resulted in was the frequency of my appointments being lengthened to every 4 weeks instead of every 3 weeks. :( I think once I get that last bracket in though, I will revert back to the 3-weekly visits. I would really like to finish this ASAP!

Here's the progress of the naughty little buggers

Soooo slooooooowwwwly. Come on friends! You can do it faster!
I can't quite see much of a difference to be honest... other than that the bottom few incisors and my premolars on the bottom left seem to be straightening out a little. I can't wait to put a bracket on my last little bottom incisor though. I feel so sad for it... as though it has been discriminated against. Doesn't it look like it's sinking into depression? I need to ask my ortho to help it out soon. Maybe I shall write my ortho an email today about his plans for my poor little friend.

Here are some other closer progress photos...

I guess things are straightening out... except my poor little left-out incisor who's retreating out of loneliness. :(
We will get you out of there to be reunited with everyone else soon, lovely!
Maybe it's accentuated by the lighting, but my teeth look a lot more messed up at the start.
Come on, friends, we can do it!
I can't wait to see the end of this. After ten years of debating, I'm glad I finally started.

As you can see in the photos the healing of my mole excision has been progressing alright. The one of my nose has been doing well, but the one on my cheek is still a little reddish and looks like it's developing into a little crater.. :( It's quite saddening, but I'm just keeping up with the care-routine of using Vitamin E oil and seeing how it goes. Apparently it may fill up over the weeks. Will just see the progress and pray for the best. No turning back any way.

Progress on my marathon training has been.... non-existant. I haven't been running at all. I kinda have less than 3 months to train now and I don't know why but I honestly have no motivation at all. :/ I guess I already know that it's going to really hurt when it comes. I think I'd be really upset if my heart gives out though... cause that'd mean I wouldn't be able to complete my braces and surgery. Drat it. Okay, I really should start. I will make an effort this week.

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