Sunday, March 03, 2013

food post to celebrate the new layout

I've finally found the time to change my blog layout and I'm so happy with how it now looks that I've decided that I should celebrate it by doing a food post on the things which I have been eating nowadays (many of which, you will see are a lot more naughty #^_^#).

Hope you like the new layout as much as I do. :)

I been keeping to my egg white omelettes for quite a while.
This one I mixed up with furikake. :)

Discovering Quinoa made me so happy.
I just made it a little Italian this time, along with a side of egg white omelette.

I knew I was going to be okay the day I found myself having a muffin at Starbucks.
At the start of my braces, I thought I would have had to swear off it.

This was the day I really felt like I needed healthy food.
That's a salmon belly soup for Omega-3s, cranberry juice for the antioxidants,
and a new western-mediterranean style egg white omelette with olives.

This was what it looked like - with my standard cheese and nori,
but this time I added chilli flakes, and olives. It tasted like a pizza. :)

You were SO delicious! <3

Super naughty day where I chose to try Gado Gado.
I could only eat a quarter of this, and I couldn't eat any of the keropok, but it was still SO good!

Salads are apparently now edible for me! :) I think my teeth are a lot less sensitive now.
This was a Japanese pasta salad with pomelo and nuts on fresh butterhead. :)

Singapore had the Prosperity Burger promotion at Mac's over the Chinese New Year festivities.
I couldn't resist! So I had half (maybe a third) of a burger. Made me so happy.

This was my dessert at reunion dinner.
It's Sago Gula Melaka without the coconut milk. (No saturated fats for me! :))

Mac's for breakfast at our newly renovated office! :)
I can't believe I ate a fillet o fish. 0_o

Picked this up at Takashimaya after my February adjustment.
They were nice and soft, so it was perfect.

Picked these up for my staff at a Japanese-French bakery at Takashimaya.
They were too cute!

This was mine. It's a brown sugar granulated covered soft bread. <3

Common foods I'm eating at the office nowadays.
I can't bite straight into the cookies, but they are perfect with tea. :) 

There were, and are, days where I just need something soft and happy for my body.
Raspberries and soft weetbix in low fat milk is perfect for those days.

This is Quaker's Life cereal in skim milk topped with half a banana and some random fruits and nuts.
The random fruits and nuts were such a pain to eat though. :/

This was a breakfast perk-me-up at Ikea.
Organic mushroom crepes. They won me over at "organic".

A naughty day.
Dry fried laksa with an omelette and blanched broccoli.
Even though the broccoli was probably the saving grace of this meal, they are possibly the most annoying vegetable to eat for one with braces. :/

Quinoa topped with avocado, silken tofu, furikake and nori.
It was delicious and superbly healthy!

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