Thursday, June 12, 2014

Anesthetist done!! 12.06.14

Blood samples taken!
I was a brave girl. :)
After spending a weekend in HK and Macau over the weekend, this week is round up week before the big surgery next Friday.

I can't believe time has passed so fast and now the surgery date is here again!

Went to see the anesthetist today and I was SO glad that they actually found veins! I have veins!!! (For those of you who don't know, my previous surgery got postponed because the staff at the bloodbank couldn't find appropriate veins for my autologous :(). I'll be headed for my autologous tomorrow or Saturday so I told the doctor today that the big veins were reserved for the bloodbank. Haha. :) The doctor was so kind and decided to take blood from my hands instead! :) I actually REALLY hate needles, and it kinds sucked because the flow from my left was so slow that they had to poke my right hand too, but thank God that's over!

Weird part about the autologous this time round though is that they have requested for TWO pints of blood. TWO! It didn't quite strike me till I really thought about just how much "two pints" was and I started thinking of how much one pint of beer was. And that's like filling two of those ginormous glasses with my blood! Goodness!

Still, I'm glad the anesthetist appointment is over and that now I just need to get my autologous done, and we should be all good to go.

One week to go.
There is so much work to clear up and do. And just so many things to round up, but I've decided that my personal life can't stop for everything else in this world. I have to care for myself as well.

Hope that my blood bank appointment will turn out much better this time round!

Can't wait for this to be done with.


  1. Wow good luck! I had surgery in December. For whatever reason, it is no longer common here in the U.S. to do an autologous. I think it's because studies have shown that, using recent surgery techniques (that are faster than old ones) it is very unlikely for blood loss to be very high. However, it's good that the doctors over there are so prepared with a backup in case the unexpected happens! I hope your autologous goes well and you enjoy any cookies etc they give you afterwards!

  2. Thanks. :) Yeah, it's not common to do an autologous here, but it's just that I'm a little uncomfortable about the possibility of using someone else's blood in the case of emergency. But thank you. :) Hope your healing has been going well!

  3. Yes, my healing is great. I just got my braces off a few days ago and will receive my retainer Wednesday. Time really flies.