Saturday, June 28, 2014

Closing Day 9: Upset stomach, clawing surgical hooks, and new foods.

Pain Level: 3 - The surgical hooks are clawing into the back of my lips which are now very raw, and I can't find my dental wax. :(
Swelling: I think it's gone up a bit after the bumpy ride and attempts to talk...that and the clawing of the surgical hooks.
Other weirdness: Ears still feel blocked. Back of jaws feel really tight after a really bumpy ride out to the supermarket. :(
Mood: Was weak almost all day because of the spoiled corn soup. A little frustrated.

Something happened to me after I consumed the 40mls of soup this morning. I think it had gone bad because I developed a bad case of an upset stomach. I didn't have toilet troubles, but I felt like all my energy was sapped from me. Everytime I got up, I got dizzy spells. I thought I was going to faint on at least four occasions throughout the day. I tried hard to stave off the tiredness for the time when my aunt and cousin came by (which actually turned out quite okay), but when it was over, I completely went to sleep for something like 5 or 6 hours.

I could barely eat anything, but forced myself to drink a cup of water with Redoxon, and later, half a bottle of Yakult - in hopes to settle my stomach and hopefully get some energy from the sugars. When 6pm hit I decided I needed to force myself to get out and go to the supermarket to hopefully find more substantial foods - somehow after the bad corn soup incident this morning, I just could not imagine myself taking anymore soup. I was also really tired of sweet fruit juices... and just couldn't think of anything else I would/could eat.

So I went out to the supermarket with my sister.

And as I had experienced before, travelling out with all the bumps in the road really drained me out by the time I reached the supermarket. But I decided to stay positive and hunted for edibles... and this was my haul:

Multigrain Os, Fibre Biscuits, Vegetable Puffs
100% peanut butter, 100% almond butter
and NUTELLA! <3
Pretty much everything was found in the organic aisle because:
  1. Being in my current state makes me very concerned about all sorts of health things.
  2. I couldn't go up to the biscuits section on the second floor because there were only two ways up -  by travellator (which incline and vibrations somehow make me queasy) and a wheelchair only lift (which made me feel weird because I'm not in a wheelchair).
It's an interesting season I am in of going back to healthfoods and label-reading. I used to be really conscious of these things in the past. But I guess this is also somewhat my natural self because eating healthfoods makes me happy. :) 

Interesting note: Did you know that every other brand of peanut butter on the shelf had all sorts of bad stuff in it? Pretty much every one of them had all sorts of hydrogenated oils, gums, emulsifiers.... in them. Adam's was the only brand that just read "Peanuts" (for the unsalted one). The one I bought has salt so it just read "Peanuts, Salt" on the ingredients list. I'm actually a crunchy peanut butter person, but I just kept thinking that I'd choke on the ones with bits. So creamy it is.

Yes yes, I also bought the Nutella because I figured that it might make me happy on some days... even though I don't think I'm going to be able to successfully get it in my syringe.

My plan for consuming the peanut and almond butters, as well as the nutella, was to maybe purchase something similar to a small ice-cream stick - maybe an orange stick - and use it as a small serving spoon of some sort...if I can fit in through my teeth, that is. The other three are meant to be soaked and made mushy. I figured I needed more carbohydrates and vegetables in my diet.

I tried to fit one of those vegetable puffs between my teeth tonight and it was so tiring (because they turned out to be 0.5 cm thick, whilst I can only open about 0.3cm between my teeth) and there was no pleasure in it being slowly disintegrated at the back of my mouth. It was pretty depressing.

Still! At least I have some rations now after a few weeks or something.
I made the effort, I'm proud of myself today. :)

Apparently tomorrow - Day 10 - is when my jaw will be the most fragile so I'm going to stay home and try to take as much milk as possible.

High point of the day:
Received sunflowers from my aunt! Plus I successfully made a food trip out and am making the effort to try to put more calories in my body!
Low point of the day:
Getting sick from soup at breakfast. Having my surgical hooks constantly digging into the back of my lips. :( It hurts! :( I need to get dental wax stat.

Food Report

  • 40mls of corn soup...that was bad. :(
  • About 100mls of water with a Redoxon tablet
  • 60mls of Yakult
  • About 60mls of fresh mango juice.
  • Three vegetable puffs. (My jaw just couldn't take any more than 3.)

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