Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 9: Bracing myself for the first visitors

Pain Level: 1 - Just numb as normal, though I have started to get weird prickly feelings on my face at times.
Swelling: Has come down significantly from Day 3, but still obviously round
Other weirdness: Ears still feel blocked. Bruises on my cheek and chest looks like I have some case of domestic violence.
Mood: Nervous and a bit worried.

I'm going to have my first visitors since the op - my closest aunt and cousin who will be over in half an hour and I'm absolutely terrified. I actually told myself I wouldn't have visitors till 2 weeks after the op, but I care for this aunt and cousin enough to allow them to come visit. I guess it's also cause I'm really close to them so they are in the primary group of people who I find it uber important for them to transit with me.

Still, I'm really worried about how the change how I look might affect them. I'm thinking of all sorts of things from sending them a pic on the way, or just surprising them when they arrive. But I think a pic might cushion the shock. Maybe.

Sigh. I don't even have the appetite for brunch now. I could only manage 40mls of cheese and corn soup. :( I'm feeling especially fat and ugly today. I regret putting on so much weight for the operation. I wish I didn't. I could be at my all-time lowest weight right now.

Why am I thinking these things?! :(

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