Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 6 : Work and tiredness

Pain Level: 1 - Too tired for anything. In fact, I don't think I feel much pain at all.
Mood: Tired. But more from the events of the day than anything else.

I'm exhausted.

Today's highlights...

  • Found that I could actually fit my pills in between my teeth. No more crushed meds! Happiest discovery ever!
  • Went to see Surgeonman today. He said that everything looks great, and he moved some of my bands from the middle to the side. I think he wants to encourage me to eat by moving the bands... but I really have no appetite. He was worried about me catching fevers too. I think it's the nutrition part... I really need to put in effort into my eating.
  • Had to make a special trip out for some work. It was a 3 hour long meeting I think and possibly the most exhausting in my life. Yes, I went swollen and everything. I tried to talk at some parts and it was a pain. :( Travelling really exhausts me.
  • I am starting to become really conscious about how different I might look. I can't tell, but it's starting to worry me.
  • I've started trying to talk a little with the limited jaw movements that I have now... ended up having a work discussion at night.
I'm so tired now and somehow my jaw feels so tight after all that "talking" and all the travelling today.
I need some rest...

Food achievements today...
I think I didn't get any milk in after the 40mls at breakfast.
All I got was some 40-60mls of pink guava juice for lunch and dinner I think.

But I was proud of myself that I've begun to be more experimental by asking my househelper to help me blend up the pink guava. And honestly, after all the work discussions, I was actually hungry and requested for some instant duck porridge... but was eventually just too exhausted to eat anything.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to focus on eating & nutrition more.
I really can't be surviving on 100mls of fruit juice a day. :(

Okay, time to rest.

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