Sunday, June 15, 2014

autologous: mission complete!

It's done!!! :)
So despite all the internal debates this afternoon, I eventually mustered up the courage to head to the blood bank to at least give my body a chance to prove itself. And it didn't let me down! I had veins they could use! :)) And I was surprised how quickly it was over.

I guess I had the benefit of the previous experience at the bloodbank that equipped me with the knowledge to drink lots of water and do exercises before visiting. I think that really helped. I had no problems with my blood pressure (which I now know is affected by what you drink and what you eat) nor the lack of appropriate veins. :D

I'm a little sore from the bruise leftover from the huge needle puncture, but otherwise I'm really proud of myself! I actually got through the autologous! They apparently could only get one pint today (instead of two which the doctor requested), but I think it'd have to do. :)

Guess this surgery might really be happening this time.


  1. Awesome! Very courageous. Hopefully surgery recovery will be a piece of cake after this :-) (in all seriousness recovery was actually significantly better/less painful than I had expected).

    1. :) thanks. Yeah, I suppose it's best to fear the worst in some sense so that you'd be ready for anything. Praying hard I won't get any of those popping/locking joints and TMJ pains post-surgery. *fingers-crossed*