Friday, June 27, 2014

Closing Day 8: My appetite is coming back!

Pain Level: 2 - The pain in my chin comes and goes. I really don't know where it's coming from considering I don't think I have any stitches or fractures there. I'm praying it's not a nerve thing. :( The space above my upper lip also is starting to hurt a little too... especially when I accidentally press down on it when I wipe my nose. I know there's a stitch there, but I wish it would stop hurting.
Mood: Happy as I'm satiated from a big dinner. Well, bigger than normal. :)

Today I found out what works up an appetite for me - work.
Work makes me hungry. I'm was so hungry all day, all I could think of was how good a Subway Veggie Delight Wrap would be. I even let my mind drift off this afternoon to how good it'd be to have a KFC meal in a few months.

Delicious to melt in soups.
And great source of calcium
for milk-adverse me.
I think my appetite  is slowly coming back. This evening, I tried something new again for food. I melted a slice of mushroom Laughing Cow cheese into my soup... and it was DELICIOUS. :) A little salty, but it was good. And I'm glad it boosted my calcium intake for the day.  

I'm surprised how much I consumed today! But I guess I'm pretty happy that my appetite is coming back... though I hope not too fast! Today, I tried to lick some cheese from the pack and it totally didn't work out - considering that I can't stick my tongue out at all. I felt pretty silly.

On other notes, my ears feel a bit funny today. My left especially feels a little blocked. I wonder if it's because of all the talking I've been trying to do. Today I took one long call and discussion and was so tired that my jaws felt frozen at the end of it. I think I'm going to go back to no talking for the next two days.

That's about it for today. Can't believe it's been a week since the surgery now.
I'm going to be especially thankful for the weekend. My face is still swollen (though it has gone down considerably since Day 3) and I'm still really self-conscious around people, but I think I'm slowly accepting it and am contemplating taking in some guests this weekend...just to help people transit with me through the surgery. 

High point of the day:
Cheese and corn soup. :) And more flowers today! <3
Low point of the day:
Over-talking for work things till my jaw felt frozen and I almost felt like I couldn't breathe.

Food Report

  • 20ml Porridge water soup
  • 70mls Corn soup
  • 50mls Fresh Rambutan juice :D
    (Was probably a pain for my househelper to make because we used fresh rambutans, but it was so delish!)
  • 50mls Peach Vitagen
  • 1740 : 70ml of prune juice
    (I'm trying to get my bowels to cooperate with me because I have only been expelling liquids for the past week...then again, I probably haven't given my body much to work with.)
  • 2030: Almost 100mls of Corn Soup with Cheese
    (My newest caloric high! Yay!)

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