Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 5: Sleeping, mainly.

Pain Level: 1 - Mainly numb.
Mood: Meh

Just woke up from another nap. I'm now starting to understand what other jaw-surgery patients mean when they say they're pretty low in energy... cause I've been napping pretty much all day today.

Breathing is a little better now though it comes and goes depending on the elevation of my head. Yesterday, I got a little adventurous, and removed a long blood clot in my nose. Yes, it was gross. But yes, breathing was a little better for a while and that was all that mattered.

Right now the two things that worry me the most is: 

  1. My lack of motivation to do anything.
    (I really expected to be all back on track with work and all!)
  2. My totally disinterest in food or juices or putting anything in my mouth.

Between the two, I'm less concerned about food, though I suppose it's supposedly the more worrisome. (Am I contradicting myself?) I think I mainly am a little anti-eating because everything pretty much gives me phlegm and makes breathing really annoying... and breathing is more important. Not to mention not throwing up is important to me too. And if putting too many liquids in my tummy is going to make me feel queasy, it is literally the last thing I'm going to do. 

Almost the whole day is gone and this is all I could work myself up to:

Around 10ish in the morning

  • Meds with 20mls of Welsh's Grape Juice
    (tasted a little bit better than Ribena cause it was more liquidy and went down faster)
  • 15 mls of water
  • 60mls of Chocolate Resource Plus (Yay, I did it)

About 450pm

  • 50mls of Welsh's Grape Juice
  • 40mls of water

It almost feels like I'm back in the early stages of my braces journey where I stressed out about being unable to consume more than 500cals... though that only lasted one or two weeks I think. But at least I made the effort then to eat porridge and stuff. This time, I can't even think of putting that in the back of my throat!

On other notes. I received another pot of "Get Well Soon" flowers today. It was really beautiful and was total perk me up to my otherwise sleepy day. It's amazing how flowers can really make one's day. :)

Maybe I should start reading a book or something. I really should do something more productive with my time! I'm so done with this annoying "I'm tired - sleep", cycle. :(

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