Thursday, July 03, 2014

Day 14: The two week mark!

Pain Level: 0 - It's the second day of no-painkillers. And I'm absolutely fine. No aches!
Swelling: Just realized today that my upper palette is no longer swollen! Hurrah! Space in my mouth for my tongue. Fat chin still there. :(
Other weirdness: Left side of my chin and bottom lip still feels weird. No acid reflux today!
Mood: A little upset with work stuff, but it was a generally full work day with new foods.

So I forgot to take the apple cider vinegar, but I think I've found the root cause(s) of my acid reflux. It might have been the painkillers, because it has stopped since I've gone off them. But I'm more convinced it was this:
It tastes like vomit.
If you don't believe me, go ahead and try it.
Why in the world does my clinic hold this product?! It absolutely tastes like puke and is totally puke inducing. I've since switched back to my Colgate Plax Green Tea. 

It fit! A garlicky spinach and
egg soup! Yay! Nice and green!
Lunch (and dinner) was is the best thing ever. I was craving so bad for vegetables and I could no longer take it that I haven't been eating vegetables for two weeks! So I told my househelper to try to make a spinach soup with egg (a little like an "egg drop soup" except also with spinach). Because everything had to fit into my little syringe, all the leaves and egg had to be very fine. I was excited! Vegetables! What I didn't know what that my househelper would take the initiative to put in garlic and butter too! And when I tasted it, it rocketed to #1 on the "best liquid foods I have eaten since the surgery" list! I don't know how else to describe it, but it tasted like garlic bread, except that it was spinach (which is great for recovery), and egg (proteins!!!). And it had TEXTURE. It wasn't crunchy, but at least it wasn't just liquid.

I was a SUPERBLY happy girl. I ate a full bowl of it (at lunch & again at dinner!). I meant to try a new banana nutella smoothie for dinner, but my househelper had already made more of the soup because she saw how I enjoyed it, so I decided to reschedule the banana nutella smoothie to tomorrow. :) 

Nutella! I can't wait!

Just to share... in case anyone wants to try it:

It looks SO delicious and green!
Thank you God for vegetables!
Savoury Spinach & Egg Drop Soup

Garlic - minced
Cornstarch & Water (mix together)
Spinach Leaves (leaves only - chopped into VERY fine pieces)
One egg, beaten in a bowl


  1. Use a small pot
  2. Fry minced garlic in butter
  3. Add mix of cornstarch and water to thicken
  4. Add very finely chopped spinach to the pot
  5. Add spinach into pot and bring to boil
  6. Whilst stirring, slowly pour egg into boiling soup. Egg should form thin strands.
I don't know if it's to anyone and everyone's liking, but if you like garlic bread, it should work. :)

Also, good news! My surgeon says that I don't have to finish my course of antibiotics because it's been two weeks! Hurrah! No more meds!

Food Report


1 full bowl of soy bean curd with almond soy bean milk
One bowl Spinach and Egg Garlic Soup
One bowl Spinach and Egg Garlic Soup
One cup of Redoxon

High points of the day
Finishing major work stuff. No more acid reflux! Discovering the spinach soup. :)
Low point of the day
Having to scold someone for work stuff. :(

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