Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 22: I ate a Digestive!

Pain Level: 2 - I tried to do a plank today and I thought that I would bust my stitches. It hurt. :(
Swelling: I think my right cheek is a little more swollen and slightly more sore than my left. I'm not sure if it's an infection from the time I lost the silly Happypuff into my stitches on the right. :(
Other weirdness: Nothing much I can think of today.
Mood: Determined to find more energy in healthier eating.

I felt really bad this morning as I have become somewhat of a really picky eater and it's making things tough for my househelper to prepare meals for me. I can't help it sometimes though cause just the thought of some foods make me feel nauseous.

With the support of an awesome FB group I found, I did make an awesome discovery this evening for dinner though! I found that I could mush up McVities Digestives! They fit through my syringe and they taste awesome! I still can't believe I ate a whole digestive tonight for dinner! :D That's almost a hunded calories alone! Yay! And it has texture and fibre too! I know it's totally not Paleo with the wheat in it, but I was just glad that I could finally get something substantial in my body. 

A good bone mass for a woman my age
apparently should be at least 6%
I'm at 4%!
I stepped on a scale today and was surprised at the readings on the scale. I wasn't too surprised by the weight - it seems to have stagnated since losing 7-8kilos, but what worried me was that my bone mass is only about 4%. :( (Yes, my family somehow has a fancy scale that does such readings.) I'm not sure if my bone mass has decreased from pre-surgery, but I've been a bit concerned due to my lack of calcium intake since the start of this healing process. Given the poor readings today I think I'm going to make an extra effort with my bone healing - with better nutrition and perhaps a little more strength training. I really want to ensure that this healing process goes well.

I've been feeling a little under the weather. My memory has been affected, my energies are pretty low, and I have no motivation for work. It's been pretty tough. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

Food Report


  • 1/2 cup strawberry yogurt


  • 60mls Cauliflower and onion soup. It took a lot to make, but the very sweet taste of the onions, as well as the salt in the soup... it just didn't work for me. :(
  • 40mls of soy bean curd. I just couldn't bring myself to take much. I think I'm not supposed to be taking soy. :/
  • 1/3 cup of Creamier Earl Grey and Lavender ice cream
    It was good... maybe ice-cream is my answer to eating more.


  • 1 bowl of chicken broth
    It tasted really gross - it was just plain water and boiled chicken - but I thought I really needed food in my body so I forced myself to finish.
  • 1 McVities Digestive!
    I was so hungry I decided to try something new - I mashed up a Digestive with water and some broth. It surprised me that it fit into my Syringe! This has started a revolution for me!
  • 1 cup of Redoxon

High point of the day
Discovering that I can mash things and they fit into my syringe! I will start eating McVities from now!
Low point of the day
Trying to do a plank for exercise and feeling like I was going to bust my upper jaw stitches. No more planks or similar face-down exercises for me for a while.

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