Monday, July 07, 2014

Day 18: So tired.

Pain Level: 0 - Still having this weird feeling in my left chin that comes and goes and makes my lower incisors feel funny inside. 
Swelling: I think it went up with all the talking today - it really wore me out.
Other weirdness: I've been getting a lot of dizzy spells these two days.
Mood: Really tired.

I'm really tired today. Was a full work day.
I've got an appointment with Surgeonman tomorrow and I can't wait.

Going to try to sleep before 10pm tonight.

Food Report


3/4 bowl spinach soup
1 cup Fybogel
1 Cal+D Tablet

1 cup strawberry yogurt

1/4 bowl spinach soup
1/3 bowl Black sesame paste
1 cup of Redoxon
1 Cal+D Tablet

High point of the day / 
Low point of the day
Too tired to think right now, but today was mainly just a lot about work.

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