Saturday, July 05, 2014

Day 16: Work stress and Hairfall :(

Pain Level: 0 - Left side of chin just getting little prickles.
Swelling: About the same. Fat chin. :(
Other weirdness: Left lower lip still numb.
Mood: A little tired. 

Other than really stressful work situations, I've spent most of the day watching youtube videos on transformations. Stress really got to me today and it really affected my appetite. :( Everything I ate today, I really had to force myself to eat.

I don't know if this lack of appetite is common post-surgery. Part of me knows that I really need nutrition in me, and yet I really just feel no desire to eat. I'm past two weeks post-surgery, I just got off my meds yesterday (because Surgeonman said it was not necessary anymore as I was already 2 weeks postop), I'm off painkillers... so I really don't know what is getting to me. I do need time to just relax though.
Hope it helps.

My hair has been falling quite a bit these past two weeks too. It might have been due to the meds, or "post-surgery stress" as the clinic calls it. I went out the pharmacist's today in hopes of finding something that might help and came back with a Calcium & Vitamin D supplement, as well as a hair supplement containing Biotin - which I hope will help. I also got a new Hairfall-prevention shampoo in hopes to save my poor traumatized hair.

I think I'm just going to get a lot of sleep tonight and see how tomorrow goes.

Food Report


1/2 cup of Banana Nutella Smoothie

1/2 bowl of yogurt
1 cup of Fybogel (to help with the fibre)

1 bowl of Egg and Spinach Soup (without salt)

High point of the day

Walk out the supermarket and getting the supplements I need.
Low point of the day
Getting very upset about a work issue

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