Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 26: Hangry!

Pain Level: 1 - Had some ache in my left jaw joint again tonight. Can't seem to open as well today.
Swelling: I can still see some shadow in my cheekbones.
Other weirdness: My left of my chin and lower lip is still numb. :( I'm also getting fainting spells a lot more often nowadays. :/
Mood: Was Hangry, but a little more over it now.

I think today's the first day I've experienced "hanger" (pronounced "h-anger") which is basically anger that comes as a result of hunger. 

Every Tuesday is our official family dinner day at home. It's a little like Thanksgiving, or reunion dinner, except that it happens every week. And tonight was family dinner night. On the table was beef, fish, asparagus wrapped in bacon, sprouts, achar, fresh little apricots and grapes..and all sorts of other stuff. The food looked so good, the smell of bacon and delicious greens was in the air (I LOVE and CANNOT RESIST vegetables) and I could imagine exactly how each tasted, and yet I found myself sitting at the other end of the table with my little syringe and a bowl of mushed up winter melon soup. It was highly depressing...and that's when it came - HAnger. 

I think it was probably the first time I've ever experienced it, but I was completely taken off guard by it. I suddenly felt like I didn't want to eat my soup, I didn't like the colour of my bowl, I was completely unreasonable and all I wanted to do was to stuff something nice and cheesy and crunchy in my mouth (for example, a delicious Cheetos puff)...but I couldn't. I was throwing a hangry tantrum inside, and it caught me by surprise.

ANTM All-Stars with hotdogs!
Loved this shoot.
I eventually did eat my soup though - 2 bowls even. And finished with some fresh blended peaches. I just decided to be a good girl and sent myself to brush my teeth and did some strength training and it calmed me down a little. But honestly, I can't wait to eat properly again in a couple of months. 

I did have some something positive come out from my hangry episode though - cooking inspiration. I think it was somewhere in between my syringes of winter melon soup that I started thinking about what other food possibilities there were for patients on a liquid diet and I got some inspiration by the beef on the family dinner table, as well as a random Macdonald's advertisement of the great banana pies they have now in Singapore. So, sometime in the next few days, I'm going to try to make a beef congee, and I'm going to make some grilled bananas with honey and cinnamon (they should be easily mashed up to fit into the syringe). I think at the end of these few months, I might just have a nice little compilation of syringe-friendly recipes for jaw surgery patients...and perhaps they'll have a better time than picky-eater-me. Seriously, the recipes out there for jaw surgery patients are pathetic. Enough with soups and smoothies and blended gross things!

On other random (and possibly TMI notes), my bowels seem to be working again. I honestly don't know what triggered them, but I found myself spending a little more time in the toilet this morning, and was surprised that I actually had much in me to get rid off (considering my very poor appetite for the past few weeks).  I eventually figured that I may have been storing food in my intestines over the past few weeks... and it's finally out. It's weird and wonderful in a strictly biological way. It's got to be a good sign.

Also, I eventually didn't go back to office today because I was having quite a few fainting spells (where you kinda get dizzy and you think you might black-out, but don't). I hope they go away tomorrow!

Okay, I'm off to sleep. I really do need to sleep a little more.

Food Report


  • 1/2 cup of mushed cereal in almond milk (this was so gross, and I wasted most of the cereal which just couldn't dissolve)
  • 1/2 cup of black sesame paste
  • 1 CalcD tablet


  • 1 cup of Redoxon (Somehow just couldn't get myself to eat. :/)


  • 2 bowls winter melon soup
  • 1/2 cup fresh blended peach juice
  • 1 CalcD tablet

High point of the day

Watching a little more modeling stuff. Preparing myself to get back to work tomorrow.
Low point of the day
Not really a "low point", but I was (am) concerned about my fainting spells.

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  1. Wow, it's great that you feel hungry and have enough energy to do some strength training! Seems like your recovery is progressing well...do get enough nutrients and rest to prevent fainting!