Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 31: One-month Post Op!

Pain Level: 2 - My left jaw hinge is still being naughty when it's time to brush my teeth. It's trying to keep my jaws closed! I tried to pop a huge Hi-Omega 3 tablet through my teeth today and I think I opened a little too wide. :( My stitches on my bottom jaw are hurting now. :((
Swelling: I think it's going down slowly. Yay, cheekbones. Come back soon! 
Other weirdness: Sometimes when I wake up, my hands feel numb and tingly for a while.
Mood: Hopeful.
Yay, new nail colour. :)
And yes, I'm still too swollen
and self-conscious
to dare to take a full photo.

So amazing things happened today.

First of all, I MADE IT!

I made it to one-month post-op! Hurrah!

I was so proud of myself, that I celebrated it by pampering myself with a mani and pedi, as well as whipping up a wonderful celebratory dinner (which fit into my syringe of course. :))

My manicurist made a comment about my nails and skin today though. :( She said that my skin has become really dry and that my nails obviously showed signs of a lack of nutrition because they had ugly ridges and cracks, and they were really thin. :( I guess the CalcD tablets have not been enough. I've been advised to take more soybean milk and tofu (which is apparently not Paleo) to get my nails back in shape... and to moisturize my feet and hands everyday from now till... forever I suppose. I guess this is a good exercise of discipline and self-care - stuff that I never really bothered too much about till now.

I started a new regime today of incorporating at least 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, as well as a Hi-Omega 3 tablet (on top of my current CalcD and Vitamin C+Zinc routine) into my daily diet. I also read somewhere that I should be taking Vitamin B supplements. :/ Man, I don't want to be popping too many pills. I'm going to try to see how I can incorporate those needs by taking fresh blended juices.  I am determined to get luscious beautiful hair at the end of 6 months! 

I had a really deep chat with my mum this morning again about my difficulties with getting used to the changes, as well as other things like my personal insecurities and concerns for the future. The sermon at church today also challenged me about how I have been living my life (specifically, on how well I have invested my time), and about my calling in life. The topics in the conversation, as well as the challenge, really brought me to a place of reflection and self-discovery - of things I've always set aside whilst I dealt with the aspects of life which were more of a concern to others, than to me; stuff that I was interested in but ignored, because others had needs or other expectations of me that I felt I had to fulfill first. 

With the heavy dinner I had tonight, I doubt I'm going to be sleeping for a while so I'm just going to look for a pilates class, look for a modelling class (yes, even though I don't make the height and currently maybe not even the weight requirements), as well as my next German class and exam - which is actually one of my resolutions this year. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pay Germany a nice long visit next year, and perhaps spend some time in England.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get my life back in order.
Food Report


I think I'm going to start
a syringe-friendly
recipe book soon.

  • 1 cup Bananas, Peanut Butter, and Unsweetened Almondmilk (and some nutella)
    I stirred 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in to improve the shine of my hair. The coconut taste was so strong and I tried to mask it with the nutella. Didn't really work. ^^
  • 1 CalcD tablet


  • Missed - I went to an art exhibition, and had a meeting after...and kinda forgot to bring my syringe out #^_^# But! The heavy breakfast kept me really full!


  • 1/2 bowl Slow-cooked pulled pork in apple sauce! Delish!
  • 1 cup Redoxon
  • 1 CalcD tablet, 1 Hi-Omega 3 capsule

High point of the day

Did my nails! And a wonderful celebratory dinner!
Low point of the day
Realizing it's Monday again tomorrow. Boo... :(

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