Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 38: Of Happy Walks and Rewards

Pain Level: 1 - A lot of tingling in the numb parts of my chin and lip whilst I was on my walk today. I think exercise stimulates my nerves! I should do more of these walks!
Swelling: It's going down slooowly.
Sleep last night: Not too good. Slept at 3. I don't know why I'm sleeping so late nowadays..I think I might be eating too late. :/
Other weirdness: I honestly think my hair is doing a lot better now. Yay for supplements!
Mood: Happy... exercise and walks in nature makes me happy. :)

Got a pair of pretty new shoes today
to mark the beginning of many
wonderful walks and runs. :)
I went out for a walk at the reservoir with the bestie today and I am SO thankful for her. We talked through quite a few things - specifically about charting my life and all the confusion that I have been battling. I think it's a real relief to have friends who are practical and logical and who can talk you through life when things get really emotional and confusing. Thank God for friends like that.

So after our long walk, I've decided to just go ahead with exploring the world of modeling, but also keeping academia in sight. Tomorrow I'm just going to make the bold step to send in my Masters application and see where that leads me. This journey of re-discovery of myself and my strengths has really been very eye-opening for me. I am thankful for this season. 

Walks are really therapeutic for me. There's just something about being in nature that helps me think better. I think I'm going to try to incorporate walks into my everyday life, or at least every weekend, and maybe every public holiday too. :)  I think I shall put up a list of places I shall conquer around Singapore. :) Tomorrow, I shall conquer the Tampines Eco Park (I didn't even know that existed!). I can't wait!

I've also decided to draw up a "recovery milestone" rewards chart. At one-month post--op, I rewarded myself with a mani and padi and it was really encouraging for me. It's like a little celebration to look forward to. Here are my upcoming rewards that I have planned - each carefully thought through in projecting whether I will be able to be in the right physical health to endure the processes of each of them. :)

Ariela's Recovery Milestone Rewards Chart (General Plan)

  • One month Post-Op (20 Jul)Mani & Pedi
  • Two months Post-Op (20 Aug): 17 Aug, Singapore Children's Society 3km walk & A feet, neck back and shoulders massage at Holland Village after. :)
  • Three months Post-Op (20 Sep): Haircut Makeover at Next. I think a lot of swelling should be gone by then for me to have a new hairstyle. Hopefully!
  • Four months Post-Op (20 Oct, My birthday is coming! :D): A short easy hiking weekend getaway in Tioman (probably in Nov).
  • Five months Post-Op (20 Nov):
    16 Nov Run for Hope 10km run. (Hopefully I'll be able to run...or at least walk really fast.)
  • Six months Post-Op (20 Dec, Christmas is coming!): A delicious PALEO PARTY. Dinner of Paleo PIZZAS and all sorts of other stuff. A Paleo Cauliflower-crust pizza. :D I can't wait!
  • Seven months Post-Op (20 Jan 2015, One month to CNY): Hiking & Nature trip + SHOPPING SPREE in BANGKOK. (Also depends if Ii get into my Masters.)
  • Ten months Post-Op (20 Apr 2015): Back to Fencing! Splurge on fencing gear.
  • One-year Post-Op (20 June 2015): Photoshoot for portfolio 
  • October 2015: Germany for Anuga!. :)
  • Two-years Post-op (Graduation from Masters July 2016): Visit England and volunteer there for the Summer.

Things are looking up. 
Take that depression! :)

I'm really enjoying coming
up with syringe-friendly
recipes. :)
Food Report
Day 38 (Sunday)

  • Two bowls of Apple & Herb Salmon Quinoa (This was so delicious! :)))
  • Supplements: CalcD tablet, Hi-Omega3 capsule, Vitamin B


  • 1 cup Chocolate Banana Blueberry & Almond Blend (Chock-filled with goodness!)
  • Supplements: CalcD tablet, Hi-Omega3 capsule, 1 cup Redoxon

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