Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 25: First post-surgery appointment with Orthoman! :)

Pain Level: 1 - My left jaw ached a lot yesterday whilst I was brushing my teeth. I get weird little electrocutey feelings in my gums/chin area at times.
Other weirdness: I still get dizzy spells when I get up too quickly.
Mood: Pretty happy.

This was my SAVIOUR post-surgery
when I felt like I had a whole dam
of plaque stuck on my tongue.
Made me a REALLY happy girl.
So I went to see Orthoman today and he didn't freak out nor did he drop me as his patient because I had turned into some freak or something. I was SO thankful (and yes, highly aware now that I really should be less dramatic with my panic sessions in my head). I missed seeing him! It's been so many months! (Yes, I get a little emotional toward the people who care for me. #^_^#) 

So other than Orthoman's usual awkwardness and inability to make eye contact when I talk to him (which still makes me feel a bit awkward), it was a great appointment. It was basically just him checking with how I was doing, reassuring me that the swell will go down, checking the state of my teeth and the bite - to which he said was great. :))) He also said I have great oral hygiene! Yay. :) I have to give credit to my friends - my little baby toothbrush, my tongue cleaner, and my happy Colgate alcohol-free Green Tea mouthwash. :D

It's still weird though that Orthoman is so awkward. Based on the blog he maintained for his clinic, he seemed like a nice person with a witty personality... except that it doesn't seem to come out at our appointments. Maybe I make people feel awkward. I need to find a way to improve that.

Spent the rest of the day with work stuff which is getting quite mundane at home.

I think I'm struggling a lot less with food now... I've just become a lot less anxious about it because it just feels so unproductive and damaging to my emotional and psychological health. I think I'm just going to eat what I can, not worry about my weight, get enough sunlight and keep to my simple strength training exercises to keep my Vitamin D and happy hormone levels up, and just not worry about my caloric intake anymore.

Oh, did I also mention I decided to go back to ballet?
I figured that I can't do Pilates (because doing a 5 second plank the other day almost killed me as it felt like my jaws were going to fall out), I can't fence yet (because all the lightness on feet and the possibility of getting jabbed in my mask freaks me out), so I figured ballet would work. :) It'd improve my balance, posture, as well as stretch and tone me up a little. :) I've started hunting for classes and might take an adult beginner's class with the Singapore Dance Theatre. Fingers crossed that they'd have slots!

Tomorrow, I'm headed back to office to start working half days... just to get myself back in the swing of things. I miss my office, I miss my staff, I miss my little plants in my office.

Can't wait.

Food Report


1 bowl of scrambled egg white with curry spice
1 CalcD tablet

Missed - work. (I need to stop doing this. :/)

1 cup of watermelon juice
1/2 cup of black sesame paste
1 cup of Redoxon
1 CalcD tablet

High point of the day

Seeing Orthoman again and having him not drop me as a hideous post-surgery patient or something. Also went organic shopping again! :D
Low point of the day
No low points today. :) Little victories!

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