Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 37: Trying to Adapt

Pain Level: 0 - Still numb. 
Swelling: Seems to be stagnating. Saw some recent pictures of me taken by others and I'm really not used to this much rounder face. :(
Sleep last night: Not too good. I'm starting to sleep really late nowadays... and waking up is to a series of terribly disruptive sounds of bangs and whatnots because of the sisters in the room.
Other weirdness: Surgeonman told me that my stitches would naturally drop off by themselves. I think one from my upper jaw came out today as I rinsed my mouth after brushing my teeth. I totally freaked out for a bit when I saw something came out with the water from my mouth. It's pretty interesting.
Mood: Reflective.

Just updating here to keep the food log in check. Nothing too different has happened over the past few days. It has been mainly been about work, and self-discovery. I'm still kinda in a "low" about what I want to do in my life and where I am headed. Part of me is seriously considering moving out to get my own place so that I can at least wake up peacefully and have a controlled and organized environment. And another part of me is looking further abroad to just go somewhere else and start a new life elsewhere. I'm heading out for a walk with a girlfriend tomorrow to hopefully try to sort things out in my heart and mind.

I can't quite get used to the new face I have and still feel weird when I see myself in pictures (of which I have allowed three so far...). I honestly feel like I look like some alien of some sort... even though I have had a few comments that I look prettier now. Yesterday I met a girl I worked with on a project in a lift. I smiled at her and she just stared at me analyzing my face trying to recall where she had met me, and she literally went "OH MY GOODNESS! It's you! You look so different!" or something to that extent. I think my head blanked out after that because all I could do was smile. Then again, I had a bajillion thoughts that bombarded me like "is that a good thing?" "what does that mean?" and "oh no. nononononononono..." Something like that. But yeah, I'm slowly adapting. Slooooooowly.

I've been trying to occupy my time with little joys like uploading interesting syringe-friendly foods/recipes onto my IG account. I haven't quite got down to managing my personal paperwork or organizing my personal space in my room, but I think I'll make some time tomorrow.

Food Report

Day 35 (Thursday)

  • Supplements: CalcD tablet, Hi-Omega3 capsule (Had to rush out for a work appointment. No time to eat. :/)
Lunch (Was really heavy... probably because I didn't have breakfast)
  • 1 bowl Mediterranean Cous Cous with paprika
  • 1 cup banana soy almond blend marbled with 2 tbspns of Nutella with 1 tsp of coconut oil (This is becoming a habit :/ I'm getting addicted to Nutella.)
  • Supplements: 1 Vitamin Tablet, 1 cup Redoxon
  • 4 bowls of Cod & Spinach Soup (was pretty watered down so I don't think it was too high in cals.)
  • Nutella with some Almond Milk.... I have serious cravings for chocolate. I think cause my time of the month is coming.
  • Supplements: CalcD tablet, Hi-Omega3 capsule

Day 36 (Friday)

  • 1.5 bowl of salmon quinoa
  • Supplements: CalcD tablet, Hi-Omega3 capsule, Vitamin B tablet
Missed. :/ (Had stuff on... Too busy to eat and I was too tired by the time I got home.)

Day 37 (Saturday)
  • 2 bowls Herb and Mint Salmon Quinoa
  • Supplements: Hi-Omega 3 capsule, CalcD tablet, Vitamin B Tablet, 1 cup Redoxon

  • 4 tbspns of Nutella with Half a cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk (don't know why but I feel like I needed some chocolate)

Dinner (I kinda spoiled dinner with my chocolatey snack :()
  • 3 sips of Iced Spearmint Green Tazo Tea.

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