Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 28: Work and new foods

Pain Level: 1 - My jaw doesn't seem to open very well anymore. The jaw joints always ache when it try to open them. I think Orthoman may have banded the left side a little tighter.
Swelling: May have gone up slightly from all the talking...and all the sodium in my porridge tonight.
Other weirdness: My skin is really dry. I think it's from the lack of nutrients I've been having. Numb area on my chin still sends weird sensations. I hope feeling is coming back soon!
Mood: Tired from work, but excited to get back to office again.

These two days have been a lot about work. Yesterday I went back to work to oversee our HACCP audit preparations and it was SO stressful. I spent almost all my time there cleaning my office and setting everything straight. Today was mainly Though I technically spent only about 20 minutes physically in my office today before I went out for meetings. 

I'm going to try my best to get back to my normal working days...or at least start with half a day from tomorrow onwards. Nothing much else to report about these two days other than normal fainty spells... oh, and me getting hungrier.

Yes, that's rice,
vegetables and roasted duck
in a blender.
Today, as I sat opposite my parents as they indulged in Jalan Kayu roti prata and mee goreng (which they are really famous for), I just sat there imagining how delicious they would be if I could eat them. My stomach grumbled as I watched, but at the same time I couldn't imagine putting anything into my mouth. It was so hard to explain to my mum how my stomach was complaining, but my head just couldn't imagine eating anything - just the thought of having to put something into my mouth was such a turn off. It's like a big stomach vs head war.

When I got home at the end of the day, I felt like I was starving and needed to put something in my stomach. I just felt like I needed some protein in my body so I went scouting - starting with what my househelper had cooked my family for dinner. As I opened the oven, the smell of roasted black pepper duck filled the kitchen and I think that's when I couldn't hold it in anymore - I needed to eat it some way or another... so... I resorted to the blender.

I never thought I'd do it, but I did. I put a whole lot of duck slices (all the crispiest, fattiest, delicious bits), as well as a whole load of vegetables that I absolutely couldn't resist, together with a little bit of rice and hot water and whirred it up into a bowl of porridge. To be honest, it didn't look too appetizing, but gosh it tasted AMAZING. Finally, duck porridge! I honestly didn't, and don't, care how much fats there was in the porridge and it was saltier than I usually like my foods, but it was ROASTED DUCK PORRIDGE! I was just glad I could eat something tasty.
This was my duck porridgey result.
Doesn't look too appetizing here,
but it was delicious!

I think my food cravings have gone up ever since I started taking a little more carbs in my diet. I wonder if that's natural. But hey, I've begun to be able to eat TWO bowls of porridge in one sitting now! Achievement unlocked! I think I'm going to try to take more fruit blends too to ensure my vitamins are taken care of.

Almost one-month post-op! Can't believe how fast time flies.

Food Report (Day 27 & 28)


  • 1 bowl of winter melon congee
  • 1 CalcD tablet

Lunch (ate at about 3pm, so it was more of an early dinner)

  • 2 bowls of winter melon congee with beef bits (YAY!)
  • 1/2 cup of blended peach (it didn't taste as nice as yesterday. I think it oxidized.)


  • 1 cup Redoxon
  • 1 CalcD tablet


  • 1/2 cup of blended blueberry juice
  • 1 cup of Redoxon
  • 1 CalcD tablet


  • 1/2 a bowl of porridge my SIL cooked (it tasted nice, but I got irritated how long it was taking to eat this porridge because there were so many bits of stuff that wouldn't fit into my syringe)

Dinner (I was starving!)

  • 2 bowls of blended duck and vegetable porridge
  • 1 cup Redoxon
  • 1 CalcD tablet

High points of the days

Cleaning my office yesterday, duck porridge today.
Low points of the days
Seeing my office in such a bad state yesterday. No low points today... okay, maybe I was annoyed at the poor quality of work of one of my staff.


  1. Hello! Just found out about your blog! Am always extra excited when I find a fellow jaw patient from sg.
    Hope you'll feel better in days to come. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

    1. Hey girl. :) Yeah, we can share how depressing it can be when everyone else is eating roti prata, goreng pisang, and rojak and ten million other foods. *rawr* Thanks for stopping by. You take care too. :)