Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 30: Being mistaken for a completely different culture :(

Pain Level: 1 - Left jaw joint still being weird and making opening my jaw difficult.
Swelling: Cheeks still feel tight and swollen.
Other weirdness: I somehow am more tired nowadays though I'm eating a little more.
Mood: Tired.

Went to a visit to the Peranakan museum today to explore my heritage a little more, and I took a little time out to try to push myself to get a little more walking out of my body after, but all that walking took so much out of me. I ended up having to take a really long nap when I got home.

The biggest thing that affected me today was when a tour guide asked if I was Vietnamese or Burmese. Her question has bugged me the whole day because I have never in my life been associated with those cultures. Since I was in kindergarten, I've had people mistake me for being half-white, Eurasian, Indonesian.... but this is the first time someone has thought I looked Burmese. I don't know how to describe it, but it was somewhat of a hit to my self-identity. I ended up dwelling on that all day and my dad eventually took me out for tea at the airport to "let it out" a little. (Thank God for dads.)

This process has really been so much more trying than I expected.

Food Report


  • 1 CalcD tablet (Was rushing out for a work tour. Didn't have time to eat.)


  • 1 bowl tomato soup (which I strained from a minestrone soup).


  • A quarter of a slice of pandan steamed cake in unsweetened almond milk (First snack since the surgery!)


  • 1 bowl Steamed/Baked Salmon (blended) It looked absolutely disgusting and depressing
  • 1 CalcD tablet

High point of the day

Getting a walk. Finally getting some proper protein in my diet...though it really looked terrible.
Low point of the day
Being mistaken for a culture that I've never-ever have been mistaken for. Also, having it affect me so thoroughly.

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